Company objective

Our objective is to positively influence the health of patients by means of communication and education activities, both directly and through doctors and pharmacists. We focus on products and services that add value to the lives of patients; we build long-term and trusted relationships with physicians, pharmacists and our business partners.

We operate in the following areas

Special care
. We cooperate with our partners on development and market innovations in the field of special care. These include but are not limited to oncology, hematology, CNS, urology and other segments in the category of hospitals.

Niche market products. Leram Pharmaceuticals take advantage of their significant experience to address specific market segments with products that focus on niche markets.

Patented and unpatented products. Whether the product is under or out of patent protection, we are always capable of defining the effective business strategy reflecting the stage in the product’s life cycle to map out the prescribing environment, build and strengthen our relationship with customers, and tailor the communication to various customer groups in order to maximize the recognition of our products, as well as the products of our partners.

Mature / established products. We address brands that are not promoted within the large and medium sized pharmaceutical companies due to their portfolio reprioritization. Most doctors are well acquainted with this type of products, and it is therefore effective to communicate with them not only directly, but also through cost-effective channels to maximize the value.

In all the segments stated above, Leram Pharmaceuticals is ready to provide all services including sales and marketing, registration, market access, pharmacovigilance, medical information, business development, customer service, logistics and storage.